Kyle's Rolling Pendulum

Kyle's Rolling Pendulum

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Please see video below!

*price includes stainless base*

This is the 4th generation and style update to my original "rolling pendulum" design! With each new generation, new improvements have been made! It will swing for roughly 45-60 minutes before coming to a completely dead stop. It is very relaxing to watch which makes it one of the best desk-sculpture designs.

Since it swings back and forth, it takes up less space on a desk than a design that spins all around. It also makes a wonderful business award or gift for clients and sales team members.

The entire piece is completely made from 304 stainless steel. Sleek, modern and industrial, it looks great on any desk!

For custom quantity requests, please email me directly and I will happily work with you!


Base diameter: 3"

Pendulum height: 9.5"

Base Style:
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