The process starts with raw stainless steel rods and bars. I carefully weld, grind, shape, polish and balance each and every piece of the sculpture by hand. I often use my vise and hammer to bend the steel and create my signature "stick man's" elbows and knees. When tighter and more intricate bends are needed, I use an extremely hot-burning acetylene gas torch to heat metal to red hot. Once the parts are all in the right shape, contact points are welded at the hips and shoulders to make the metal flow and become a seamless solid piece. This makes the metal dirty and black so it has to be cleaned and polished by hand.


After the overall design has been shaped and put together, the balancing bar is made to specific length depending on the design and counterweight size is determined. The counterweights are then cut to size. I often times have to weld and re-weld the balancing bar to get it to balance right and it is a very time consuming process!

Here arms are being TIG welded to a balancing man, this process leaves the metal glowing an extremely hot red as you can see in the next photo!

A balancing man being made. Red hot from TIG welding.


I clean each one individually and use a combination of special buffing wheels. Smoothing and blending the welds in tight corners is really tough - it's stainless steel! Using the proper tools and techniques, I bring each one to a high shine that looks like platinum when finished; suitable from children to high-power executives, and everyone in between!

All sculptures are polished by hand. Seen here is a special "Fat head" balancing man.