Hi, i’m kyle!

Owner and creator of Kyle's Kinetics. I fell in love with metal working and making balancing sculptures back in 2012. When I first started, I didn’t even know how to cut metal. Since then, I have taught myself how to braze, TIG weld, grind, blend, polish and shape metal into small details.


I was always studying or working at a desk and wanted SOMETHING to entertain me but not distract me from my work. I remembered those cheap little balancing toys as a kid and thought I'd find one to keep on my desk and play with. I kept looking for larger, higher quality ones but they simply did not exist. I thought to myself "There HAS to be a way to make these things!". So, with only a few dollars to spend as a poor college student, I went to my hardware store, bought some metal and a hack-saw and started hacking! My first sculpture was soldered, crude, dirty and took me 12 hours to put together and make balance. Once I finally got it to balance I was hooked on making and improving them.

Countless ideas for balancing themes flooded my mind and over the past 7 years, I have steadily been improving and teaching myself how to weld, polish and work with metal. I went from soldering, to brazing and finally got myself a TIG welder and taught myself how to do it! I continually add new tools and techniques such as my professional buffing motor that helps speed up production as well as greatly improve the polish quality. I have not stopped increasing the efficiency and techniques needed for producing high quality, handmade sculptures and will continue to get better!

Why so expensive?

Working with metal can be very challenging; especially stainless steel. It requires a lot of patience, expensive tools, time, and experience. Not to mention it’s dangerous! The tools are loud and damage hearing, fire is…HOT… and metal dust is destructive to your health. I have to wear special clothing, ear protection, a respirator and gloves!

You aren't ONLY getting a unique, one-of-a-kind sculpture that balances using only gravity. You are getting a piece of ME; a piece of my life, my work, all the cuts and burns I have endured over the years of self-taught welding and metalworking. I have a passion for these funny things. I love being creative and making new designs and making each one balance. Prices are based on the time it takes to make a sculpture. So, the more complex or detailed, the higher the price. Size is not a factor in determining the price.

Improving their quality and the challenge of understanding how they balance is a never-ending practice. American, handmade quality and pride is something seen so little anymore. I enjoy bringing back a TINY bit of that American metal quality to everyone with these balancing sculptures. They will literally last for a lifetime!