The Giant Tightrope Walker

The Giant Tightrope Walker


This is a LARGE version of the normal tightrope walker. It is made out of 1/4" thick solid stainless steel bars instead of 3/16" as is the norm. It stands more than an inch taller than the typical size and is much heavier and thicker!

The Tightrope Walker keeps its balance on its tip-toes while walking across the tightrope. This sculpture tilts side-to-side in a slow and memorizing motion. Since it only moves in one direction, it does not take up very much space on a desk. It has a brushed and shiny steel finish.

It will easily go for 15+ minutes without stopping!

It is a fun, entertaining and very therapeutic object to have on a desk. Makes great company while working or studying at a desk and is guaranteed to start a conversation!

10.5" Tall (on stand),
8" Wide (from each counterweight)
& The stand is about 5" long (deep)

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