Seat-less Unicycle

Seat-less Unicycle


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NOTE: The tire of the unicycle is completely steel. It has been sculpted and heat-treated to look like a realistic tire :)

I decided to make it seat-less because it makes it more minimalist, helps with balancing properties and makes production faster allowing for a lower price! I also like it because it makes your mind mentally envision where the seat would be!

This Unicyclist keeps his balance on his wheel while doing a back and forth motion that makes it appear as though he is actually using the pedals to control himself. The sculpture also tilts, spins and bobs in every direction without falling off. It is a fun and entertaining object to have on a desk. It also looks great as a center piece on table as a simple piece of art.

11" Tall (on stand), 8" Wide (from each end of the bar)

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