Harry Potter, The Seeker

Harry Potter, The Seeker


Harry Potter flies on his broom with his arm stretched out trying to catch the Golden Snitch! The broom bristles are made of mild steel and will slowly rust over time which will make it look more like a natural broom! The rest of the sculpture is 100% stainless steel. This is a great piece for any Harry Potter lover! I Guarantee this is one piece of fan merchandise they DO NOT have!

The sculpture needs a 20 inch radius of clear airspace in order to fly without bumping into something.

A ceiling fan or small desk fan will make it fly continuously!

All of my sculptures are hand-forged by myself. No two pieces are ever the same. I can recreate past sculptures that have already been sold but they will always vary slightly and will always be unique.

This is an absolutely original piece that has not been recreated; It is one-of-a-kind.

8" Tall (on stand),
14" Wide (from the Broom to the counterweight)

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