Working with metal can be very challenging; especially stainless steel. It requires a lot of patience, expensive tools, time, and experience. Everything is COMPLETELY made by hand! You aren't ONLY getting a unique, one-of-a-kind sculpture that balances using only gravity. You are getting a piece of ME; a piece of my life, my work, all the cuts and burns I have endured over the years of self-taught welding and metalworking. I have a passion for these funny things. I love being creative and making new designs and making each one balance. Prices are based on the time it takes to make a sculpture. So, the more complex or detailed, the higher the price. Size is not a factor in determining the price.

Improving their quality and the challenge of understanding how they balance is a never-ending practice. American, handmade quality and pride is something seen so little anymore. I enjoy bringing back a TINY bit of that American metal quality to everyone with these balancing sculptures. They will literally last for a lifetime!

My sculptures used to be a minimum of $100 but I invested in tools, spent countless hours trying to improve the quality and time it takes to make a sculpture and now my cheapest one is just $50 and that Includes an all stainless steel base that weighs over half a pound!