What Are these?

Although I prefer to call them balancing desk toys, a kinetic balancing sculpture is an interactive moving piece of art that has a perfectly tuned center of gravity. To me, they are little companions that keep you company or fidget with at home or work.

They move and balance on their own with a push and each and every one is unique and none balance exactly the same as the other - even two of the same design. They move based on their center of gravity and physics.


For starters, they are COMPLETELY made by hand! You aren't ONLY getting a unique, one-of-a-kind sculpture that balances using only gravity. You are getting a piece of ME; a piece of my life, my work, all the cuts and burns I have endured over the years of self-taught welding and metalworking. I have a passion for these funny things. I love being creative and making new designs and making each one balance. Prices are based on the time it takes to make a sculpture. So, the more complex or detailed, the higher the price. Size is not a factor in determining the price.

Improving their quality and the challenge of understanding how they balance is a never-ending practice. American, handmade quality and pride is something seen so little anymore. I enjoy bringing back a TINY bit of that American metal quality to everyone with these balancing sculptures. They will literally last for a lifetime!

My sculptures used to be a minimum of $100 but I invested in tools, spent countless hours trying to improve the quality and time it takes to make a sculpture and now my cheapest one is just $50 and that Includes an all stainless steel base that weighs over half a pound!


From my workshop, to your desk, I do it all! I design them, cut and weld everything myself. Everything is made and balanced by me. I don't even have an employee to answer emails! Once it is made, I carefully package each one and print the shipping label as well. I even designed this website and took every product photo and video myself! Plus, "Kyle's Kinetics" just sounds good!

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"Find your balance" is one of my slogans and it means multiple things. First, I want customers to find a sculpture that they personally like or that is a theme for them or someone they know; One that you can connect with. I want you to find the one that will be YOURS - or even request a custom design! Second, once you have purchased and own your sculpture, I want it to be kept for years so it can be a reminder that even when life pushes us around, we can all find peace, a balance, with all challenges. These sculptures should be a relaxing, calming, subtle and daily reminder to always find your balance!



Due to the fact that every sculpture is handmade, they have a very cool industrial look to them. You can see the indents of my vise and hammer strikes. They are solid, beaten-up metal sculptures. I hand polish and brush finish each one. The handmade details give each one a bit of unique character. No two markings are ever the same and I view the markings and blemishes as their personal 'fingerprints' from being made - they are perfectly imperfect.


There are currently two options for a base. Every sculpture includes a standard square base that that I have coarse ground. The second option is a beautifully precision machined round base that ismore elegant for a small additional fee. The precision base is a pretty cool object on its own! What other reason do you ever have to own a slab of stainless steel?


Nope! They will balance anywhere! Everything is 100% stainless steel - including their provided bases they normally balance on. So if seeing it balance on my finger in pictures isn't proof enough, stainless steel is completely non-magnetic!


ANYONE! Yourself, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, aunt/uncle, your teacher, your employees, your boss, your kids, grandparents. All ages, young and old. all professions, all occasions. Whether it's a gift for your 8 year old to play with and have, or a gift for a high-power executive leaving a company after decades of service, I have catered to those and everyone in between! I have also sold them in high quantities as excellent and unique gifts for employees of corporations large and small.

Seen below are 50 tightrope walker sculptures given as professional gifts



The process starts with raw stainless steel rods and bars. I carefully weld, grind, shape, polish and balance each and every piece of the sculpture by hand. I often use my vise and hammer to bend the steel and create my signature "stick man's" elbows and knees. When tighter and more intricate bends are needed, I use an extremely hot-burning acetylene gas torch to heat metal to red hot. Once the parts are all in the right shape, contact points are welded at the hips and shoulders to make the metal flow and become a seamless solid piece. This makes the metal dirty and black so it has to be cleaned and polished by hand.


After the overall design has been shaped and put together, the balancing bar is made to specific length depending on the design and counterweight size is determined. The counterweights are then cut to size. I often times have to weld and re-weld the balancing bar to get it to balance right and it is a very time consuming process!


I clean each one individually and use a combination of special buffing wheels. Smoothing and blending the welds in tight corners is really tough - it's stainless steel! Using the proper tools and techniques, I bring each one to a high shine that looks like platinum when finished; suitable from children to high-power executives, and everyone in between!