Three options to choose from!


Read about each option below!

Brushed Stainless Steel (+$15)

This is a very luxurious option for just $15. This awesome slab of solid stainless steel has been expertly machined and my logo etched deep into the underside. The brushed finish is the effect of the raw finish from the CNC lathe that cuts it.

What else could you buy for an excuse to have a satisfyingly heavy and precise chunk of steel??

Polished Stainless Steel (+$20)

This is by far the most popular base style! For just $5 more than the brushed finish base, you can have it perfectly polished! It is just one more level of luxury and professional look! It is very  satisfying to see in person and hold in your hand. I cannot stress enough how there is NO electro-plating.

This is solid, raw stainless steel that has been highly polished!

Acrylic Base - Included Free

This semi opaque, frosted white acrylic base is lightweight but offers perfect stability for any sculpture! At just 0.25 lbs, it is nearly 4 times lighter than the premium stainless steel bases but the lack of weight allows me to offer it for free to customers! It contrasts nicely with the stainless steel pin that is pressed into the center!