Tightrope Walker, Gen 3

Tightrope Walker, Gen 3

from 130.00


*price includes a precision machined stainless base! Upgrade to a polished base for just $10*


One of the BEST overall designs for anyone and fits the BEST on small or cramped desks. This is my third re-design of my original tightrope walker sculpture design. Third time is truly the charm in this case because I got it perfect now! It is the best size it has ever been, the best quality, the best duration-of-motion and the lowest price!

I have improved its quality as well as reduced the time it takes me to make it from start to finish which lowers the price for you!

This is one of my all-time best selling designs because it is simple, clean, hypnotic, and moves for nearly 30 minutes on a single release. It fits well on any desk and only needs about a 5-6 inch space to fully move.


HEIGHT: 8 Inches (while balancing)

WIDTH: 5 inches


Base Type:
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