Detailed Pro Snowboarder (One-of-a-kind)

Detailed Pro Snowboarder (One-of-a-kind)


(the one pictured has been sold but can be made again. May vary slightly)

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! - it does a much better job of showing the shapes and details.


This pro snowboarder has a lot of details! I spent a lot of time making him. Starting with a thicker body made from solid 1/4' thick stainless rod to give the appearance he is wearing bulky snow gear. Then I made and shaped snow gloves and gave him tiny thumbs. Goggles with a strap were made and wrapped around his head. The scarf was really tough to make as well but adds a really cool layer and appearance that his mouth is covered by the scarf. His boots are made of even thicker 5/16" bar stock and shaped accurately. Once all that was complete, I made a proportionally sized snow board and attached him to it. After that, He found his balance with a large, solid stainless counterweight!

A precision base is included!!


The snowboarder himself is 3" tall

The whole sculpture from bottom of the base to top of his head is 7" tall.

The length of the balancing rod and weight is 8"

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