Balancing Man in Handstand Pose

Balancing Man in Handstand Pose

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This is generation 3 of my classic balancing man


Exactly like my classic balancing man only in a hand stand pose!!

This classic balancing man is the foundation of my kinetic balancing sculptures. A simple design made of solid stainless steel rods and a solid stainless ball for the head! A great option for those that don't want a theme for their sculpture and just want an excuse to have a balancing toy for their desk!

It is an excellent size for all desks - the balancing bar is 8 inches long from one counterweight to the other so I do not need a lot of space to balance on a desk!

Excellent for adults, students, kids, husbands, wives, executives, lawyers, birthdays, holidays, ANYONE, ANY OCCASION! Help yourself or someone else "find their balance"!


His counterweight bar is just 8 inches long

and his stand is 4 inches tall

The little guy is 2.5 inches tall

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