Agony - A fine art sculpture

Agony - A fine art sculpture



*once sold, this is a design that will never be made again*

This is a sculpture I am very proud of. It is my first stainless steel “fine art” design. My only aim was to create something unique with an odd or creepy Tim Burton-esque style and feel. Though this “man” is faceless, you can clearly feel something troubling him. His pose and blackened and industrial texture makes this sculpture completely unique and full of metaphor. The solid, polished stainless steel spheres he holds in his over-sized hands keep him balanced while adding a dramatic contrast in color and texture.

My hope for this sculpture is that the new owner enjoys just sitting and observing it and will create their own deep story and meaning behind it.

Every single detail and curve was at some point glowing red hot from welding. There is actually very little grinding involved in this design as almost every detail was built-up using TIG welding. I very carefully and precisely added metal where I thought it should be. Using the TIG torch I would blend and move the metal around to create a seamless look.

When the sculpture was finally finished, I rubbed it down with linseed oil - this seals, smooths and darkens the steel and creates a great finish and feel.

The variation in color throughout the entire sculpture is a result of natural processes. While building the sculpture, some areas become hotter for longer periods of time than other areas. Those areas are the darker sections.


Width (from one sphere to the other): 4.5 inches

Height (bottom of hands to top of head): 5 inches

It weighs almost exactly 1 full pound or 16 ounces.

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