I have worked hard to create 3 unique base types -

INDUSTRIAL RAW FINISH: The first is a solid square chunk of stainless steel and it is included with all sculptures. A simple, raw, industrial finish straight from the steel mill. I actually really like how it looks. A matte finish that feels similar to a stone.

PRECISION MACHINED, BRUSHED: For just $10 extra, you can get a 3.5 inch diameter disc that is 1/4 inch thick which has been precision turned on a lathe and has great, bright finish. It is perfectly flat. I worked very hard to have my logo and slogan chemically and deeply etched in the base at an affordable price. The etch is a raw, matte finish that contrasts nicely against the bright turned finish.

PRECISION MACHINED, POLISHED: The third and BEST option is only $5 more than the second option. This is the same as the precision base, just taken one step further. After turning and etching, it is highly polished!


Due to the fact that every sculpture is handmade, they have a very cool industrial look to them. You can see the indents of my vise and hammer strikes. They are solid, beaten-up metal sculptures. I hand polish and brush finish each one. The handmade details give each one a bit of unique character. No two markings are ever the same and I view the markings and blemishes as their personal 'fingerprints' from being made - they are perfectly imperfect.