FORE! Golfing Pendulum

FORE! Golfing Pendulum


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After many many requests, I have finally made a golfing themed design! The golf club head was designed by me and waterjet cut from a solid block of 3/8" thick stainless steel. Once cut out, I hand ground the club head into an accurate wedge profile front and back. Then welded the shaft and handle on to proper proposition. 

The counterweight is a mini golf club bag with even smaller golf clubs inside. It even has a little handle and ball pouch! Made from a solid 2" chunk of stainless steel bar stock, shaped a and welded and then the height was accurately regulated to the speed I wanted the pendulum to swing.

A very time consuming piece that I really enjoyed making and am very proud of! With a single release, it will swing for 20-30 minutes before becoming completely still.


11 inches tall

the base is 6 inches wide

3 inches deep

the pendulum will swing out about 7 inches forward and back from the center.

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