Custom Tightrope Walker (NexRev)

Custom Tightrope Walker (NexRev)


This is the final payment for 15 custom tightrope walker sculptures for NexRev made per requirements discussed.

Itemized breakdown of costs:

$1,575 - $105 per sculpture which includes the upgraded precision base

$100 - 15x laser-cut stainless plaques

$600 - for custom etching on:

  1. 15x stainless plaques
  2. 30x Counterweights
  3. 15x base surface - NexRev logo and meeting Title.

$100 Individual gift packaging

Additional Fees

$120 Expedited etching fee

$50 Expedited laser cut fee

- first payment of 1,187.50

Final payment total = 1,357.50

Out of state - no sales tax

Grand Total: 2,545.00

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