Custom Pavey's Gas Station (Stationary Sculpture)

Custom Pavey's Gas Station (Stationary Sculpture)


Final payment for the completed gas station.


This is my first full-sized stationary sculpture. The whole piece measures 12 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 6 inches tall. It is over 6.5 pounds of solid steel. The logo was transferred to a CAD program then cut from from stainless steel sheet by laser. Two of these long pieces with the logo cut out were then bent and welded together to form the outline of the canopy so the logo displays on both sides.

Three fuel pumps were made - each piece cut and shaped by hand then welded together. The fuel pump handles are a series of tiny tack welds built up to the proper shape and size to resemble the handle. Each pump was submerged in acid to achieve the black finish. Special grinding wheels were used to smooth, blend and finish all raw surfaces.

I welded small coupling nuts to the inside of the canopy and installed a battery pack with LEDs which is secured with velcro for easy access to the batteries. The LEDs shine down onto the pumps as well as light the logo from the inside out in a subtle red.

The top of the canopy was cut and ground to exact shape of the outside and holes drilled for screws and LED on/off button. The screws can be removed to gain access to the LED battery pack.

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