Custom Bicycle

Custom Bicycle


This is my most detailed artwork to date. I spent a lot of time carefully shaping each piece and detail by hand. I had to constantly clean the pieces as I welded them to ensure the bike remained clean in all the corners that would not be able to be reached after more pieces were added. Even the little basket on the front of the bike started from raw stainless sheet metal. I had to bend and cut the basket into shape and weld the seams.

The chain is made from a 1mm stainless steel "box chain" which I think looks the most accurate to a real bike chain. The chain even moves a little bit!

a single incorrect weld would result in having to do that part all over again which is why this sculpture took so long. Though few mistakes were made, it is inevitable with something as small and intricate as this being made by hand.

I am very proud of the detail in this bike and how it came out.

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