Classic/Vintage Chopper Motorcycle

Classic/Vintage Chopper Motorcycle


This is my very first motorcycle! I was aiming for a very basic/vintage style of bike and I am really happy with the way it came out. The fuel tank was carefully carved and ground from a solid chunk of stainless steel bar stock. Treading was patiently and precisely cut into the metal wheels with a thin grinding cut-off wheel. The wheels/tires were also heated and quenched multiple times in motor oil to achieve the blackened look which also protects from rusting over time. The rest of the entire sculpture is stainless steel.

Custom requests and motorcycle types are welcome! Just send me a message and I will happily work with you to make a highly detailed bike of your choice.

100% stainless steel and Mild steel construction. Made and welded completely by hand.

5" long
1.75" wide
2.5" tall
(see photos for size reference.)
Weight: About one pound

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