Hi! I'm Kyle! Owner and creator of Kyle's Kinetics. The first thing people usually ask me is: "How did you get into making these?" and my answer starts back in 2012 during my last year of college at Arizona State University.

I was always studying or working at a desk and wanted SOMETHING to entertain me but not distract me from my work. I remembered those cheap little balancing toys as a kid and thought I'd find one to keep on my desk and play with. I kept looking for larger, higher quality ones but they simply did not exist. I thought to myself "There HAS to be a way to make these things!". So, with only a few dollars to spend as a poor college student, I went to my hardware store, bought some metal and a hack-saw and started hacking! My first sculpture was soldered, crude, dirty and took me 12 hours to put together and make balance. Once I finally got it to balance I was hooked on making and improving them.

Countless ideas for balancing themes flooded my mind and over the past 5 years, I have steadily been improving and teaching myself how to weld, polish and work with metal. I went from soldering, to brazing and finally got myself a TIG welder and taught myself how to do it! I continually add new tools and techniques such as my professional buffing motor that helps speed up production as well as greatly improve the polish quality. I have not stopped increasing the efficiency and techniques needed for producing high quality, handmade sculptures and will continue to get better!

I have a passion for these things. They are each as unique as a fingerprint and no two are the same. They are fun to watch balance and move - a satisfying object to own and observe. In a world that is mostly digital, it's nice to have something physical!


Follow me on Instagram and watch the very moment I make something new! You can see things as they are in progress, how I make them and new and unique designs before I display them here on my website! This is a great way to see updates, new products, and literally watch these sculptures come to life!

Below is my live, current activity feed on my account!