*NEW* Scuba Diver

*NEW* Scuba Diver

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This scuba diver has been given a new design and is packed full of detail! I take great care and time in carefully shaping and welding each piece - the tank, its regulator, goggles, mouth piece, snorkel, and fins. His body shape is all new! moving away from the stick-man look, I have welded and shaped a proportional body, face, head and all other details!

Then once it is put together, I carefully tape off the tank, hands and goggles and spray it with a black enamel paint to give the effect that he is wearing a wet suit!


the diver itself is 4 inches long from head to fin tip.

balance bar is 8 inches wide.

Only needs an 8-9 inch diameter of clear space to swim openly!

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