Balancing man cover-1.jpg hands-1.JPG

Kyle's Classic Balancing Man

from 95.00
*NEW* Swinging Kid swinging KID 2018-8.JPG

*NEW* Swinging Kid

from 135.00
*NEW* Scuba Diver Scube Diver-9.JPG

*NEW* Scuba Diver

from 150.00
Surfer DUUUDE! SURF boarder -4.JPG

Surfer DUUUDE!

from 110.00
Ocean Buoy Ocean Buoy-3.JPG

Ocean Buoy

from 165.00
Hole-in-One Hole in one-12.JPG


from 180.00
The Fisherman fisherman-7.JPG

The Fisherman

from 190.00
The Happy Couple Happy couple -4.jpg

The Happy Couple

from 140.00
Doctor's Stethoscope Stethoscope-7.JPG

Doctor's Stethoscope

from 130.00
Unicyclist unicyclist-6.JPG


from 155.00
The Drunk Man Drunk man-6.JPG

The Drunk Man

from 130.00
Safety First Safety First 2-5.JPG

Safety First

from 150.00
Fore Golf Ball-2.JPG Fore Golf Ball up-1.JPG


from 150.00
Mini Airplane-6.jpg Mini Airplane-4.jpg

Spark-plug Airplane

from 95.00
balancing buddies-1.JPG balancing buddies-5.JPG

Teamwork Balancing Buddies

from 99.00
Rolling pendulum 2.0-4.jpg Rolling pendulum 2.0-12.jpg

Kyle's Rolling Pendulum

from 100.00
Surfer GIRL! surfer girl-2.JPG

Surfer GIRL!

from 110.00
sailboat-5.JPG sailboat-1.JPG


from 140.00
Tightrope Walker, Gen 3 Little tightrope walker-12.jpg

Tightrope Walker, Gen 3

from 130.00
Love is like a Roller Coaster loveseat-5.JPG

Love is like a Roller Coaster

from 210.00
helicopter-3.JPG helicopter-2.JPG


from 125.00
Schwinn Bicycle - #001/001 Stationary Artwork Schwinn-2.JPG

Schwinn Bicycle - #001/001 Stationary Artwork

Cirrus SR22 SR22-4.JPG

Cirrus SR22

from 250.00
Damascus surfer-4.JPG Damascus surfer-8.JPG

(Exotic Damascus Steel) Surfer DUUUDE!! One-of-a-kind

from 160.00
Classic Balancing Girl (Little Lexy) Balancing Girl.jpg

Classic Balancing Girl (Little Lexy)

from 95.00
Balancing Barbel barbel-2.JPG

Balancing Barbel

from 120.00
Silver Surfer-6.JPG Silver Surfer-12.JPG
sold out

Silver Surfer (one-of-a-kind)

Custom Mother's Day Sculpture Balloons-3.JPG
sold out

Custom Mother's Day Sculpture

Stationary Bass Fishing Sculpture Fishing-15.JPG
sold out

Stationary Bass Fishing Sculpture

Krazy Chair Krazy Chair-1.jpg

Krazy Chair

from 85.00
Balancing Man in Handstand Pose Hand Stand Man-4.jpg

Balancing Man in Handstand Pose

from 95.00
Skateboard-8.jpg Skateboard-7.jpg

"SKATE" Skateboard

from 110.00
Hang glider-1-2.JPG Hang glider-5-2.JPG

Hang glider

from 150.00
Detailed Pro Snowboarder (One-of-a-kind) snowboarder-1.JPG
sold out

Detailed Pro Snowboarder (One-of-a-kind)

damascus balancing buddies-9.JPG damascus balancing buddies-11.JPG
sold out

(Exotic Damascus Steel) Balancing Buddies

from 150.00
Kayak girl-12.JPG Kayak girl-1.JPG
sold out


Plumber Problems-5.JPG Plumber Problems-8.JPG

Plumber Problems

from 160.00
Piper Cub - Raw Metal

Piper Cub - Raw Metal

from 150.00
Father of the Year-3.JPG Father of the Year-2.JPG

Custom Father Sculpture (2 boys, 2 girls)


Custom TIG welding sculpture

from 150.00
sold out

Custom skier

Father of the Year-3.JPG Father of the Year-8.JPG

Custom Family Design

from 260.00
sold out

Final Custom Diver Payment

5 Custom Tightrope walker awards.
sold out

5 Custom Tightrope walker awards.

sold out

custom sculptures

sold out

Wholesale 15 Sculptures

sold out

3 custom skiers